MB Consultants (HK) Limited company provides the full range of secretarial services. The services include:
  • preparing corporate documents related to share transfer and filing to the Stamp Duty Office of Inland Revenue Department;
  • preparing and filing to the Companies Registry the documents relating to the appointment/resignation of Directors or to any changes of Directors personal details;
  • obtaining any official certificates, forms, copies of corporate documents from the Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department;
  • preparing and keeping of Corporate Minutes Books, Register of Power of attorney and other corporate documents;
  • certification and legalization of documents;
  • preparing and filing documents for company's new name registration and for amendments to Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • preparing documents and registration of authorized capital increase;
  • liquidation of the company.
MB Consultants (HK) Limited provides assistance with opening bank accounts in the following Hong Kong banks:

  Basically, the procedure of opening a bank account consists of the following steps:

Choosing a bank to open an account. MB Consultants will help you to choose the most appropriate and convenient bank for the client based on the bank account service charge and the easiness of use.
Assisting in the preparation of a full package of documentation required in accordance with the requirements of the bank to open an account.
Almost all banks in Hong Kong require the director's personal presence. Therefore it is necessary to take care of that in advance for the purpose of the director’s arrival to Hong Kong for an interview.
MB Consultants (HK) Limited provides a full set of documents to the bank and makes appointment for the Client for an interview at the bank. (At a convenient time for the Client).



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