There are 2 ways of forming a company in Hong Kong: by either setting up a whole new company or purchasing a shelf company (or named ready-made company):
1 To register a new company
2 To buy a Shelf company

Company type

Private company limited by shares

Authorized Share Capital

Minimum amount of the Shareholders' capital is not fixed, usually it makes about HKD: 10.000.

Paid-up Shareholders' capital

At the moment of registration at least one share of value of 1 HKD should be issued and paid-up.

Bearer's shares

The sale of shares to the public is prohibited. Shares to bearer are prohibited.


Minimum number is one, maximum — 50.

Register of Shareholders

Information regarding the first Shareholders of the company is submitted to the Companies Registry. Hereafter the Secretary of the company is responsible for updating information related to transfer of shares or data alteration of the existing shareholders.


Minimum number is one; the residing director is not required and a corporate director is allowed. (before 2014)

Register of Directors

Information about Directors should be registered in the Companies Registry. Any alterations in structure of the Board of Directors and/or in information about Directors should be registered in the Companies Registry within 14 days from the day of issue of the Resolution of the Director.


Mandatory position, should be a resident of Hong Kong, may be the natural person or the legal entity.

Registered office

Should be located in Hong Kong. The mail box is not allowed to be used as the registered address of the company.

Registration of a new company includes the following services:

- Proposed name availability check (Name reservation is not applicable in Hong Kong);
- Preparation of documents for company registration;
- Registration of a Company in Companies Registry;
- Registration of a Company in Inland Revenue Department;
- Payment of registration fees;
- Provision the registered secretary and registered address;
- Apostille of documents.



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